Central Committee Member

Filing Instructions


Filing Begins:                   TBD

Filing Deadline:                TBD

Withdraw Deadline:         TBD


Candidate Information Sheet
Please complete the Candidate Information Sheet in its entirety.

Filing Fee – $10
Fee must be paid by check or cash at the time of filing.  Checks must be made payable to Harford County Government.

Official identification is required: a current and valid photo identification – Maryland Drivers’ License or MVA issued Identification Card, Passport, Military ID or government issued photo ID at the time of filing.

Upon completion of all requirements, a personalized Certificate of Candidacy will be generated for the candidate’s signature.

Visit the Maryland State Board of Elections for additional forms and information.

*If you raise more than $1,000 you must set up a Statement of Organization. You can complete this online or print a copy here.