Meet the Board

(From Left to Right: Medford J. Campbell, Member; Allison W. McCord, President; Joseph N. Price, Vice President; Julia A. Bopst, Secretary; Michael A. Dykes, Member; Not Pictured: Brian K. Young, Esq., Board Counsel)

The Election Board is a bi-partisan team of five members appointed by the Governor. They serve a four year term that starts the first Monday in June of the year following a Gubernatorial Election.


Meetings are held every fourth Wednesday at our office at 5:00 pm unless otherwise stated.
All meetings are open to the public. Part of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with the Open Meetings Act procedures.

*- Indicates a special meeting

January 5th*April 11th *July 24th November 27th - Cancelled
January 23rd April 24thAugust 28th December 25th - Cancelled
February 27thMay 22nd - CancelledSeptember 25th
March 27thJune 18thOctober 23rd - moved to November 6th