Get Involved

Outreach Events

We love to get out into our community and educate about all things elections!
Interested in an equipment demonstration, election education. or how to get involved?

Contact Sarah Mohan at (410) 809-6026.

Become an Election Judge

Please visit our Election Judge page for more information on applying.

Election Day Support Specialists (EDSS)

Election Day Support Specialists (EDSS) serve as technical support for polling places during the election.

Apply today

Voter Registration Volunteers (VRV)

Voter Registration Volunteers (VRVs) help to register voters.

Becoming a VRV is easy! You must:

Be 18 years old by the General Election
Never have been convicted of buying or selling votes

To schedule your training, please email Sarah Mohan at (410) 809-6026.
VRV’s do not receive compensation